Club motorbike racing is in our blood! for the pure pleasure it brings us and the odd trophy, but always an entertaining weekend when we are on the road!


I had my first race in 1978 on board a Vic Camp 250 single 2 stroke. Going into the 80s a Rotax 250 & Harris TZ350 were the weapons of choice. The last 2 stroke He raced was in 1991 on a LC350.


From the 1990s its been 1000cc superbikes, either a Fireblade  or R1. 4 Fireblades from 1992 to 2010 and 5 R1s from 1998 to the 2016 model being raced this season.


Jake started racing Minitwins 4 years ago and having learnt his trade has now progressed to a R6 for this season.


The Speedshop backs the racing, but our aim this year is to progress other youngsters in the sport. Not just on tarmac but dirt as well.


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