Wormburner frame, and engine mount kit, as featured in Back Street Heroes magazine. 

These are the original and the best, show winning, magazine featured and unbeatable value for money. Often copied, never beaten for looks, price, value for money or quality! There is a reason the Wormburner is still at the top of the pile in the jap motor chop scene, it's simply the best you can get and at a price you just cant argue with.

Our black GSXR1100 wormburner was featured in back street heroes magazine. Built using this frame, and other H-U-C parts. A top mag worthy frame at a bargain price? We must be mad!

This is our GSXR/Bandit rigid frame.It is designed to accept GSXR1100 and 750 running gear from all oil cooled models from 1985-1993 (front end, rear wheel and engine).It comes with our very own laser cut engine mount kit to suit these oil cooled Suzuki engines.

The machined headstock accepts your original bearing cups so you can literally bolt the complete front end straight on,the rear wheel will fit straight in with a couple of spacers (not included), And the engine mount kit supplied makes childs play of mounting the motor as the bottom rear mounts come pre- tacked in the right place leaving you the job of bolting all the mounts to your engine and just welding them on!

If you don’t feel confident fitting the motor mounts we can do this for £75. You can add this option to your order.

This frame is designed to make it as easy as possible to build a custom bike at home.

All the industrial welding has been done,so a portable welder is more than adequate to mount brackets etc to finish the bike.


Right lets give you some info on the frame


  • CNC machined headstock,
  • 15mm thick laser cut axle mounts
  • Iron cross laser cut gusset
  • Bullet hole base plate
  • Seamless 1+1/4 inch 10g tube throughout
  • 1+1/2 Inch 10g seamless backbone
  • 30 Degree rake
  • Laser cut engine mounts included with all nuts and bolts
  • Jig built in HUC's fully equipped workshop
  • Removable bearing cups now give endless options for front end choice.


Basically this is a perfect starting point for anyone wanting to build their own bike.

The frames were designed with ease of assembly for the builder in mind.We use cad design and laser cut our components so you get a perfect fit every time and a top quality product.

These frames are jig built using the best components,they ride great,handle great and are up for any amount of abuse you can throw at them.

Wormburners have been shown at chopper club shows all over the country and won top trophy's at many rallies and events,so these really are getting a great name for themselves.

If you don’t feel confident fitting the motor mounts we can do this for £175

Hard up Choppers Hardtail Rigid Wormburner Frame for oil cooled GSXR Bandit

Fit motor mount kit

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