Here we have our brand new frame design!

Rear Wheels are available at around £595 dependant on exchange rate as they come from the USA.....

The "Steamroller" is our 300 tyre hard tail chop frame to suit our motor of choice, the Gsxr or GSF Bandit oil cooled motors!

Water cooled engines will fit but require fitment of motor mounts yourself.....

The frame is constructed from 1&1/4" seamless 10g tube, jig built in our workshop to our usual high standards.

The picture shows a rough mock up using our own Girder fork design which will be on sale soon as well. 

This frame has 35 degrees of rake, which is a good all round setting in regards to looks and handling. 

The axle mount slots are 1" (25mm) to suit the Harley wheels which are common to use for this sort of application.

The frame comes with a motor mount kit and headstock cups, we can fit your motor mounts for £175 (Just add this onto your order) but only for Suzuki oil cooled motors. Anything else will mean you bringing your engine to us to fit the mounts.

So there you go, another awesome frame from HUC at a ridiculously low price! 


Hard up Choppers Steamroller "300 Tyre"Hardtail Rigid Chop Frame

Fit motor mount kit

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