Proven over the years as the most “builder friendly” and best handling rigid trike frame on the market.


The frame will take a reliant rear axle but we recommend a chain drive axle which we can supply and are designed especially for these frames.


The frame has a 40 degree rake to give the correct trail needed to ensure proper handling using conventional forks or our own girder forks which we can also supply. 


As always, it is built to last using the highest quality materials, in house cad design, tube forming tools, welding and jig equipment to ensure a quality fit and finish every time.


Designed for Suzuki Bandit/GSXR oil cooled motors but ask if using a different motor as we can build the frame to take all Japanese power units.


Aluminium bearing cups for the machined headstock are included in the price along with our very own in house CAD design laser cut engine mount kit. 

If you don't feel confident we can weld these in position for you for an additional £175 for Bandit and GSXR donors, just add this option onto your order at checkout. Any other donor may come with an extra charge if we need to work a JIG out and we may need your engine with us to do so. If so complete your order with the weld on option and get in touch so we can discuss this with you.


We can also now supply Electric and Battery boxes custom built for this frame.


Time frames can be from 3-14 days depending on how booked up we are but we will be in touch to let you know once your order is received.


If you have any other queries please don't hesitate to contact us and we will endeavour to get back to you as soon as we can. 




Outlaw Trike Frame